Every Country in the World has them, and are proud of them, as they should be. They say, and I quote, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye, than a beautiful woman. For instance, in Ceylon,  

(now Sri Lanka), one could lose count, there were so many.

Among them was a girl I called Neliya (Maureen Hingert), who I met and immediately fell in love with, when we were both in our mid-teens (she was 14 and I had just turned 15)

Maureen went on to be the 2nd runner-up in the Miss Universe Competition, the Judges also stating that she was one of the prettiest Competitors they had ever seen at competition, in the United States of America. We have to remember that she was the 2nd runner-up, here, which meant that there were dozens more, of the most beautiful women on Earth at that particular beauty-contest 1955. 

          At this most difficult time on the Planet at the moment, with Covid 19 taking it’s toll on everybody, I find that focussing on female beauty, certainly clears up an otherwise drab scenario. There can be no beauty contests anywhere, at the moment, there are no movies, television is bogged down with nothing but repeats, and if I hear the words Corona Virus, Pandemic, Cluster, and or death-toll, anymore, I really think that I would hit the roof.

So, imagine the much more pleasant outlook of enjoying the beauty of 50 of the most beautiful Women on Mother Earth. Without further ado, let us watch this fascinating array of beauty.

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.  


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