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‘Just A Little Talk With Jesus’, the 1st single off the album (“Thank You Precious Lord”), made its Debut on FIVE Music Charts this week. It’s being played to Millions globally in 5 or 6 Continents. Kerrigan is absolutely RAPT and also slightly bruised because he’s still pinching himself  

Kerrigan sends thanks to those of you who keep requesting his songs, buying CD’s, tuning into the radio stations and listening to his interviews. Kerrigan also sends…Thanks to all the DJ’s, promoters, distributers, announcers and chart compilers. This would not be possible without your support, so please accept my heartfelt appreciation. Most of all thanks to the Good Lord above.
Here’s an update of where I’ve entered the Charts:
Airplay Top 20 Gospel Express #18
TYGA Fm Top 40 with Nigel Jones #35
Airplay Top 40 Country Express #37
Australian Country Charts with Stephen Brady #73
Hot Disc Top 40 with Stuart Cameron #30
And I was honoured to be featured in the Top 20 Plays of the week with Mark Eckel on OZCMR.
Wowzer. Stay blessed!


Kerrigan La-Brooy - Not One but Two Gospel Albums!

Kerrigan La-Brooy was a full-time Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer who Toured the World and Topped the Charts, but he shelved his Career when he got Married to his Beautiful Wife Michelle to raise his 6 young Children whom he refers to as his Priceless Treasures; Kerrigan Jr, Heathcliff, Tempest, Xondra, Tennessee & Jerusalem. Kerrigan was just making a long-awaited come-back to the music scene when he was Divinely Directed to Plant Gethsemane Church & Charity which helps hundreds of community members daily, 365 days of the year.

After nearly 20 years, multi-talented, multi award-winning Kerrigan, a Senior Pastor, Church Planter, Charity Founder, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Radio Presenter, Event Organiser, Father of the Year and Father of 6, decided to return to the Recording Studio to raise funds for Gethsemane in order to continue his unrivalled charitable work nationally and globally. Kerrigan has just Released his 7th Studio Recording and his Debut Gospel Album, ‘Thank You Precious Lord’. His greatest joy is that his 6 Children feature on it as well.

‘Just A Little Talk With Jesus’ is the 1st Single and the 9th Track off the Album. The single was Released in Australia less than a week ago and comes out in Europe in June. Kerrigan chose to leave some songs stripped back. “What you hear is what came out in my 1st take,” Kerrigan reveals. “I believe it’s important to bring a live element to the studio and sometimes it’s best to leave the vocals uncontrived.” This is one such track where Kerrigan’s contagious buoyancy is cheekily evident as he even adds a touch of yodelling. The single came out in Australia on 12-05-20 and then in Europe come June.

snippet to the single off the album: 


Kerrigan La-Brooy


Dear eLanka friends,

I’m pleased to announce that I have released not one but TWO long-awaited Gospel Albums. I’ve attached pics and also a short brief below. Thanks guys for your amazing ongoing support.

I’m ecstatic to announce that Monday April 27th will be the Official Release of my Gospel Albums – BOTH of them! 2 days ahead of schedule despite the global situation. “Thank You Precious Lord” & “Why Me Lord, Who Am I”.

Thanks for your patience, anticipation and support. Both Albums are available for purchase immediately at $25 each + p&h if pick up or delivery is not an option. Remember with each purchase you’re contributing 50% to the unrivalled charitable work Gethsemane does in the Community. Pics describe details of both albums, including track listings in case you favour one over the other, or hopefully you’ll grab both. These make it my 7th & 8th Studio Albums but naturally my all-time favourite is Album #7, “Thank You Precious Lord” because my 6 Priceless Treasure children sing along with me on Track #7 

Banking Details for Direct Deposits: Kerrigan La-Brooy
Commonwealth Bank.
BSB: 063171
ACCOUNT: 10017319
Please type your name and CD# in the Reference. For eg: ‘Sue Smith Cd#7 (or Cd#8)’ and message, text or inbox me with your address. Thanks, stay blessed and please share.

Kerrigan La-Brooy

Kerrigan La-Brooy - Not One but Two Gospel Albums!

Thank You Precious Lord - Back

Kerrigan La-Brooy – gospel album

Kerrigan La-Brooy – gospel album

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