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The Queen in Kandy 1954

Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh stepping ashore greeted by Governor General Lord Soulbury and Prime Minister Sir John Kotalawala Other clips include…….

Queen walking and being presented to Prime Minister. people sitting down watching. kiddies watching LS Royal procession proceeded by drums and dancers entering ground of Town Hall. dancers. crowds watching along route. SLS Royal car. Royal car. Pan, GLS Town Hall. dome of Town Hall. SCU Queen and Prince Philip being presented with bouquets and garland by the Mayor and Mayoress of Colombo. dignitaries being presented to Queen and Duke, Independents Memorial Hall. escort and Royal car. judges (magistrates or clerks). SLS Queen stepping from car. women looking from balcony. Royal couple walking to dais. people outside fanning themselves to keep cool. CU Queen and Duke sitting on dais. SLS Prime Minister hands Queen’s speech to the Queen. GLS Hall and Royal party on dais. people watching procession. SCU procession led by dignitaries followed by Queen and Duke leaving. SCU Royal couple walking down steps leaving.

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