Why Sean Connery Practically Vanished From Hollywood For Good

Sean Connery is basically a living legend in Hollywood – but it’s been decades since he last took a significant role in a movie. So what drove such a talented and respected actor out of the spotlight – and could anything lure him back?

Connery hasn’t appeared in a film since 2003, when he starred in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. His absence was noted over the following years, but Connery kept quiet about his future plans, which left fans wondering whether he would ever return to acting. Finally, in 2006, he said that he had officially retired, confirming his status after receiving a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute. In a 2007 interview with Heat Vision, he reaffirmed that he truly was done with acting.

At this point, it could be argued that Connery doesn’t have anything left to accomplish in Hollywood. He had already established a long-lasting legacy, and retiring when he was ready rather than continuing to make films solely for the money is a decision worthy of respect. After all, what could really top being James Bond and Indiana Jones’ dad?

Connery never explicitly stated the reason for retirement, but it seems that a number of different factors led him to decide it was finally time to hang up his hat. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was panned by critics, and rather than picking up one more role to end his career on a better note, he chose to follow his initial instinct and walk away.

Connery was very frustrated with his experience working with director Stephen Norrington on Gentlemen, even saying say that Norrington should have been, quote, “locked up for insanity.” Connery has since explained that he did his best with his role, but knew that the entire production was going off the rails – and that critics and audiences alike probably wouldn’t be too pleased. He even claimed that he got “heavily involved in editing” in an attempt “to salvage” the end result; and while his efforts may have helped somewhat, the film was still considered a massive flop. Connery walked away and has never looked back. Keep watching the video to see why Sean Connery practically vanished from Hollywood for good.


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Beleaguered | 1:07
Rejection of the Crystal Skull | 1:56
Never again | 2:47
Speaking out | 3:38
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