25 Things You Missed In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has finally arrived, and is already the source of much debate. After a massive opening weekend, odds are you’ve seen the film, but did you catch everything in it?

In Tarantino tradition, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is stuffed to the gills with cameos, references, and allusions to other films and celebrities. Even more than other Tarantino movies, Hollywood history is baked into the story, it can be very easy to miss something.

Don’t despair! Your pals at ScreenRant have you covered with a detailed look at the stuff you may have missed.


An actor dedicated to capturing the essence of Charles Manson. The unusual opening credit that hints at the thematic intentions of the film. A Tarantino favourite who makes a memorable cameo. A playful insult with some fascinating real life history. A quick cameo by a 60’s icon. The background to Bruce Lee’s most memorable scene. Another Tarantino stalwart with an awesome walk-on. The key to one of the movie’s very best scenes. A prominent prop with a purpose. The tragic true-life story behind Cliff’s marriage. An actor with a cool couple of parents. Some history behind the film’s scenes in Italy. Pitch perfect stunt casting in the movie’s western sequences. The final film of an accomplished actor. A music cue which foreshadows a later plot development. A Hollywood icon who died before his scenes could be completed. Some connections between other films in the Tarantino-verse.

All these and many more in the full video!

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