Should Headers in Football/Soccer be Banned?

The header! It’s a massive part of soccer. But now clubs in the UK are banning it for kids under 12 at training until they’ve finished primary school. The new rules have been brought in after research has found a link between soccer and the brain condition dementia. Last year a study in Scotland found that former professional soccer players were 3 and a half times more likely to die from brain disease than non-soccer players.

Lots of coaches in the UK say the ban is about protecting the kids and are happy to see a change. Here in Australia kids can still do it but with more and more research showing the risks of hitting our head, should the header, head out?

There are some big changes coming to recycling in Victoria. People will soon be paid cash to recycle their containers and every household will get an extra bin. A purple one. For glass. The state government says it wants to reduce the waste going into landfill by 80 per cent.

US President Donald Trump has made his first public visit to India. He spoke at the world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad and gave a shout out to two of the country’s greatest cricketers, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. Oh, and he totally messed up the pronunciation. But the crowd didn’t seem to mind.

If you’ve been stuffing yourself with pancakes today, there’s a very good chance that you or your family, or your school, celebrated Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is a Christian Tradition! It dates back centuries and is on a different date each year. For many Christians, Lent is still about making sacrifices and remembering the events leading up to the death of Jesus Christ. Today, people here and around the world celebrate it. Some still give up things like chocolate or other sweet treats, like pancakes, before Easter. Which this year, is on the 12th of April.

Now forget Shrove Tuesday for a second because in Poland. It’s all about Fat Thursday. They’ve swapped pancakes for doughnuts. But it’s a similar idea. On Thursday the 20th, people gorged themselves on all manner of fatty, sugary foods ahead of Lent. And this cafe even held a doughnut-eating competition. It may not be pancakes but close enough.

A robot snake that has been created by scientists in the US is based very closely on the way actual snakes move across difficult and dangerous terrain. What it does is that it breaks its body into different sections and each section of the body will then serve a different function as it moves.

A poor pony in Wales somehow got, really, really stuck. But how do you rescue a pony without, well, some kind of specialised pony rescuing equipment? You find someone with a digger. And with a newly created route of escape. The horsey happily walked free!


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